Experience Technology at Its Best

Does the word “technology” send shivers down your spine? We understand. You may have had one too many moments when it failed you miserably, or you spend your days surrounded by high-tech gadgets. The bottom line: you want to return to a home that leaves it all behind. 

At Sound Decision, we’re passionate about helping people experience the incredible benefits today’s technology brings while making it easy, enjoyable, and, in some cases, invisible. To accomplish this, we partner with industry-leading brands committed to creating systems that are easy to use and effortless to enjoy. In the world of smart home technology, that brand is Lutron home automation.

Let’s explore what this technology offers homeowners in Roanoke and Lynchburg, VA.

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Why We Trust Lutron

Lutron has continued to redefine what’s possible in the realm of lighting and automation. In 1961, they were the brains behind the first solid-state dimmer, changing how we control our lights. Today, they are the global leader in lighting control. Along the way, they developed whisper-quiet motorized window coverings that now come in over 1,000 fabrics from leading textile manufacturers worldwide.

And, while their home automation system offers effortless control of your lighting and shades, it also incorporates audio, video, security, and climate, intuitively managing your entire home. Through customized programming, we can synchronize these systems to automatically perform everyday tasks and create the perfect environment from morning to night. You don’t even have to touch a button. 

Are you ready to change the way you think about technology? Let’s explore a day with Lutron home automation at the helm. 

Waking to the Perfect Environment

You’re nudged from sleep with shades rising to let in the dawn and lights softly illuminating, mimicking the color of the world outside. You hear your ‘Good Morning’ playlist streaming through nearly invisible speakers. 

The music follows you as you head to the kitchen, where the lighting and window coverings have adjusted to create the perfect environment, a blending of natural and electric light. You enjoy your morning tea surrounded by lights resembling the golden glow of sunrise. Breathe deep; the day has just begun.

Programmed for Your Lifestyle

You find engraved words like ‘Entertain,’ ‘Relax,’ and ‘Dine’ on beautiful wall keypads. When you press a button, your home transforms, mirroring the ideal temperature, lighting, and music for the occasion. 

When hosting a dinner party, pressing Entertain creates a warm glow in the dining area while brilliant light brings splashes of azure and seafoam green throughout your home. When the day ends, press ‘Relax’ in the bathroom and enjoy a spa-like oasis as you soak your cares away.

Managing Your Home When Away

When you’re away, you can manage your home from the Lutron app. Turn on the entryway light before you leave work or press ‘Away’ to prompt the lights to turn on and off randomly and the shades to adjust, creating the illusion that you’re home.

And that’s just the tip of the home automation iceberg. At Sound Decision, we’re excited about sharing this incredible technology and lifestyle. To learn more about transforming everyday living through Lutron home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Sound Decision today.