Learn How Design, Engineering, and Integration Ensure the Home Cinema of Your Dreams

Are you considering the ultimate home entertainment? With today’s technology, the options can seem endless, all offering unprecedented audio-video performance. From whole-home audio to media rooms, dedicated listening rooms, and the latest 4K OLED HDR TVs, where do you begin? 

One of the standouts growing in popularity in Roanoke and Lynchburg, VA, is the home theater. When designed, engineered, and programmed correctly, home cinemas are the stuff of dreams. They’re the place where families come together for movie nights, friends gather for the big games, laughter echoes during life-size video game marathons, and quiet date nights reconnect. It’s in these entertainment meccas that some of the best memories are made.

As a home theater company and audio-video expert, Sound Decision is here to help you realize your vision. With over 30 years of experience and wide-ranging expertise, you can be assured of our unwavering commitment to creating home theaters that amaze you. Let’s explore some of the details that go into creating the home cinema of your dreams. 

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The Experience

No two home theaters are the same. Why? Because no two families, homes, or interests are the same. With today’s advanced technology, the cookie-cutter approach is no longer an option, or at least, it shouldn’t be. To provide you with a home theater that aligns with your vision, we partner with the best home entertainment brands, from Sony to Bowers & Wilkins and many more.

These brands and our knowledge enable us to create a customized, immersive home theater experience. The outcome is such vivid, lifelike images and intensely accurate sound fields that you lose yourself. Whether you’re watching the latest blockbuster movie, enjoying a sporting event, or taming magical beasts, you suspend your disbelief and enter another world.

Expert Design and Engineering

You may already have your vision firmly planted in your mind. If so, we’re ready to create it! Many people, however, are uncertain. Do they want tiered, plush theater seating, elegant wall sconces, and a starlit ceiling? Or do they want a more modern or relaxed affair, with sectionals, chaise lounges, and high-performance LED lighting that changes hues and intensities? 

There’s also the various types of acoustic paneling, motorized shade solutions, and artwork to consider. We’ll explore the immense possibilities until we’ve designed a home theater that exceeds your expectations while remaining within your budget.

Then, our team masterfully engineers the space, crafting just the right seating, speaker, and screen placement. You and yours enjoy unobstructed sightlines no matter where you’re sitting and the detailed 3D sound that engulfs you.

Creating the Perfect Setting with One Touch

As home automation experts, we incorporate easy-to-use controls. Press the “Movie” button, and the screen appears, the lights dim, the shades lower, the opening credits roll, and the sound surrounds you. Press pause when it’s time for a snack, and LED lights lead a trail to the door.

Are you ready to create a captivating entertainment space? As leaders in the industry, Sound Decision is here to help. To learn more about our home theater company or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Sound Decision today.